UPM+ Agency Suite

Grow your business. Your way

The most powerful process management system for underwriting agencies. Designed to work the way you do. Specifically developed for the Australia/New Zealand market.

Reap the Benefits

Let the system do the manual work

Underwriting Agencies have valuable, industry experienced employees that work hard to deliver the highest service standards to customers and intermediaries, while navigating within a stringent regulatory environment. We free-up your employees so they can focus on your customers and partners.
Empower your staff and increase operational efficiency
through less tedious manual tasks so your people can focus on customers and partners. The automation of business rules, standard work procedures and document management reduces operational cost while speeding up turnaround times..
Rely on strong governance
through business rules specific to your operations being built into the automated process flows. This ensures that work procedures are consistent and right first time, while the potential for human error is significantly reduced
Manage operational risk pro-actively
through automated rate calculation and monitoring of all policy premiums. Elements such as authority levels, promotions, discounts, eligibilities can easily and quickly be applied and automatically monitored.
Leverage online services
that allow speedy and secure access to services such as quote generation, policy information, and claim management. Fast and flexible self-service options improve customer satisfaction and broker performance.
Capitalise on market opportunity
with the capability to reduce time to market for new products to a matter of weeks. Become more competitive with a more agile business model.
See at any time how your business performs
across all relevant KPIs with 360-degree visibility. Automatic alerts will direct your attention instantly to hotspots.

What is UPM+ Agency Suite?

The UPM+ Agency Suite is a market leading business management system that manages all your operational processes in one single system.
Designed specifically for Underwriting Agencies in Australia/New Zealand it gives them the flexibility and agility to grow their business and benefit from measurable return on investment.

Agency Suite Modules

Management teams gain control across all processes, have confidence in predictable operational performance and improve the bottom line through reduced operational cost. UPM+ Agency Suite is a modular system which means you can implement only the components you want, or implement the entire system and reap the benefits:
  • Integrated product configuration and rating engines
  • Workflow automation across the entire operational underwriting process
  • Automated document management functionality
  • ully configurable to suit your agency’s specific requirements and procedures
  • Employees and brokers are guided through each step of the business processes
  • Real-time, accurate information to make the right decision at the right time
  • Governance is monitored and assured through in-built business rules.
  • Cash allocation and cash matching
  • Premium collection, monthly and fortnightly instalments
  • Flexible payment dates
  • Automated cancellation rules
  • Bank integration
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Accounting entries automatically created, based on a customised Posting Template.
  • Integrity of financial transactions maintained through a double entry accounting system
  • Integrated General Ledger
  • Automated and manual claims assessment
  • Confirmation of cover; policies linked to claims
  • Appropriate approval throughout claim lifecycle
  • Automated claim disbursement
  • Management of estimates
  • Control over Third Party Recoveries
  • Single combined policy with bundled products
  • Endorsements/mid-term adjustments
  • Support for various premium collection methods
  • Rule based cancellations
  • Automated and manual renewals
  • Empower brokers and customers to access information any time
  • Enables secure, on-line self service
  • Scales broker business volume without additional staff
  • Enables the paperless office
  • Data driven document generation engine
  • Stores any incoming or outgoing communication
  • Online quoting, proposal, bind cover
  • Automated referral for quotes outside acceptable risk
  • Automatic document generation
  • In-built rating and rule engines
  • Instant view of performance measures
  • Interactive dashboard and scorecard reports
  • Alert and threshold triggers for reports
  • Subscribe function for regular reports
  • Rapid product creation and delivery to market
  • Automatically enforce promotions, discounts, limits, coverage based on underwriting questions
  • Automated rating engines
  • Rate changes for products without development
  • Automate business rules
  • Apply underwriting criteria
  • Control underwriting authorities
  • Control claims leakage
  • Integrated workflow system
  • Automated Task creation
  • Monitor transaction statuses
  • Monitor queues, manage service levels and performance


By partnering with Gratex International, you can leverage over 20 years of insurance industry knowledge and experience. You can be confident in successful system implementations that deliver predictable operational improvements. Our local team at Gratex is not only implementing a technology solution, our consultants work proactively with you to design the most efficient business processes tailored to your organisation’s practices. Learn more about our service delivery.

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