Cloud Backup

Not too long ago, business data would be backed up manually to tape or an external storage device. However, without rigorous policies in place, manual backup can get left unchecked, remain untested for corruption, or get forgotten altogether. With Backup as a Service (BaaS), all that happens seamlessly and securely on redundant storage in multiple off-site locations, with barely a blink to your business.

Our cloud backup service includes:

  • Automated backup – gain the certainty of knowing legacy files can be accessed securely, without error or delay
  • Centralised service with redundant locations – streamline processes by storing backup data safely with the added redundancy of a backup copy
  • Archive – backup data is retained for as long as your business requires, even for deleted files  
  • Holistic and efficient – cloud backup ties in completely with your other cloud-based services, such as data hosting or disaster recovery

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