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Perhaps you’re considering a server upgrade – and need to factor in a three or five-year growth strategy. With Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), or hosting your business systems in the cloud instead of an on-site server, you’ll always have a conduit of cutting-edge solutions at your disposal, regardless of how the business evolves.

The cloud seems complex at first, but Gratex engineers can meet your core business priorities one solution at a time.

Optimal deployment model – depending on which business data needs to be stored and where, we’ll deploy your hosting environment in either a private data centre (only your data), public data centre (highly secure capacity sharing with other tenants), or hybrid model (mix of these and maybe your in-house servers as well).

Best-fit service model – if your business uses any Software as a Service (SaaS) such as Office 365, you’ll need a computing environment to support higher volumes of day-to-day traffic over the internet. That also makes sense if you have a dispersed workforce, and business growth in the works. Gratex also offers Platform as a Service (PaaS), for more IT-intensive sectors such as developers.

Gratex customers are embracing cloud hosting because of its unrivalled security and cost benefits. Those security measures include:

Secure data processing and storage – even in a multitenant deployment model, your data is protected by secure firewalls and automated software updates, reducing the likelihood of a breach.

No spillage of data – the only data duplications are the ones you’ve engaged your IT managed services provider to create.

High-security anonymous data centres – the giant data centres that store and process your data are guarded by multiple checkpoints and 24/7 monitoring, and fitted with complete power backups compliant with industry standards.

No outside access to your data – in the rare event that technicians need to access the data centre, you can rest assured they’ll be subject to background checks, biometric entry and multiple checkpoints first.

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