Disaster Recovery

How quickly could your data be restored if a cable was cut in your area, a critical infrastructure component failed, or a fire or floods disabled critical IT infrastructure?

Mitigate critical business risks by duplicating your production systems and data offsite in the cloud, so it can be accessed in as little as an hour in the event of a crisis situation.

Here’s what Gratex customers can expect from our disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS):

  • Prevent problems easily, before they occur – when we’re managing your networks, we take essential precautions to replicate your production environment ahead of any large-scale error
  • Rapid recovery – restore damaged files within several hours of a problem occurring
  • Hardware-agnostic service – our technicians and systems will work with Intel, Windows, UNIX and other hardware
  • Full validation of recovery process – our thorough policies means that we’ll test every aspect of the disaster recovery process, right through to completion.

The assurance of business continuity

When your network is down for even a few hours, your people and customers can’t access information, communications and business-critical functions.
Chat with Gratex ahead of time, and you’ll gain clarity on the disaster recovery procedure, lead technicians who will manage and validate the data, and staff who will access the process.

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